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Sustainability Benefits of ICF

ReddiForm ICF screen-grid design requires less concrete and supports an energy efficient home.

Waste less material with screen-grid design. Build sustainably.

Waste less energy heating and cooling your home. Live sustainably.

Waste less having to rebuild due to weather damage. Smart sustainability.

ReddiForm ICF Supports Green Home Building

✔ Higher thermal mass and resistance (R-value equivalent up to R-52 or 3 K·m²/W)

✔  Substantially decrease air leaks to lock in energy

✔  Tight-fitting simple forms lead to straight and plumb walls with less bracing less wasted concrete

✔  Our reliable screen-grid design requires less concrete

✔  ICF construction contributes to USGBC LEED NC Energy Optimization credits


Learn More About What Creates an EnergyWise® Home Below:

R-Value Explained

Comfort is Another Benefit

ReddiForm ICF LLC was established in 1990. Rick and wife, Janine Hansen continue to run ReddiForm ICF LLC.  Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, serving USA home builders.

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