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Your Home Will Stand Up

Secure the integrity of your home with Pantheon-strength screen-grid ICF technology.

Stronger Material, Stronger Protection

The two most used materials for building a house are wood and concrete. Both materials have been used for centuries. We side with concrete every time. Concrete is the best option for anyone who wants to have confidence in the durability of their home, especially in areas where environmental factors are considered such as hurricanes, high winds, temperature fluctuations, and earthquakes.

The strength and durability of concrete walls offer unmatched resistance to the devastation of major storms. Concrete homes are less likely to suffer major damage from debris than conventionally framed houses.

– ICF Builder Magazine, Sep/Oct 2012


ReddiForm ICF Structures are Secure

We use the same technology we always have because, it holds.

Ron Ardres developed ReddiForm to assure communities strong, disaster-resistant structures. The primary feature of ReddiForm ICF are our screen-grid design,  engineered to use less cement without losing wall integrity.

Did You Know?

ReddiForm ICF was inspired by the integrity of ancient structures that still stand, today.

The Pantheon in Rome, for example, was built using a similar screen-grid system for their concrete walls. When we say it’s a proven technology, you can see it, below! The photo on the right shows you just how secure the insulated concrete form structures are against unpredictable elements – no matter what insulated concrete form you choose.

*insulated concrete form home, not a ReddiForm customer

ReddiForm ICF LLC was established in 1990. Rick and wife, Janine Hansen continue to run ReddiForm ICF LLC.  Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, serving USA home builders.

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