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The savings in the amount of cement and labor required over installing wood forms is substantial.

As you know, my wife and I along with our son, Doug and his family built the majority of our house. Your ReddiForm method of construction for the foundation was one of the fun parts of the job.

After the footings were finished we all gathered together and set the ReddiForm blocks in a little more than one day. The kids were a great help in passing the blocks to the stackers. The blocks fit together very well and with the horizontal trough and vertical tube it was easy to install the reinforcing rod.

I have used wood forms before and believe me there is no comparison to these blocks in the amount of work required to build basement walls. The savings in the amount of cement and labor required over installing wood forms is substantial.

We have finished one of the basement rooms and found the ReddiForm walls to be very easy to cover with paint, paneling or a premixed stucco.

An excellent product, we would use it again.

- Anonymous Customer

Our pour went great. Thank you for your help! The concrete guys were impressed with the forms durability 🙂

- Jennifer Hege and Cabinets

Designer, Accent Floors & Design

Great Pour!

Hi. Just wanted to let you know we got our concrete on Saturday and it went great!! Thank you…

You guys have been great help and I speak of you and your products to anyone that listens.

- T.M.

Thank You!

Good morning, I’d like to let you know my pour went great! I followed the manual even though the pump operator who “did a hundred of these” wanted to pour in 3′ lifts and argued extensively. My “hill-billy” braces were also deemed to fail but believe it, I did not need to re-plumb or adjust any walls after pour.Although my forms were left exposed for one year my blocks only yellowed some but remained strong, no bulges or blowouts..I vibrated very little with my hackzall and could see the crete flow very well.

I did run out of time to cover top course interlocking teeth, my tape would not stick due to dew, and plastic was roll was given up on after 10’…I did find that HVAC foil tape worked great because it would crimp on if not stick to..I still didn’t get far with that time willing so after the pour I went around with a water hose and sprayed the teeth clean, worked great for me.

Very excited to go further, thank you for everything.

- G.B.

ReddiForm is the simplest and strongest system we could find.

This note is to thank you for your great service and fantastic product. At first, we were a bit hesitant to use a non-conventional new building system. The speed and ease at which the construction progressed was amazing. As you know, we built a two-story home with a crawl space as an owner-builder. My wife, teenage daughter and I built this easily, with minimal help.

The most important benefit was the finished cost, including site preparation, septic, etc., which came in at $39 a square foot. As you know, we have an awesome finish with solid oak and hickory cabinets and didn’t skimp on any finish materials. No one thought that was possible! I encourage everyone to seriously consider this building system. We just put a 1200 square foot addition (all ReddiForm) where we had footings to standing walls cornpleted in 2 1/2 days. I seriously researched all of the systems out there and ReddiForm is the simplest and strongest system we could find. The excellent energy savings are an added bonus. Simpler is always better. Thanks again.

Rob and Linda Keene

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